Augusto Hernandez Cifuentes

In March 2010, the Colombian Air Force gave rise to the centralized ejection seat workshop at the facilities of the Air Maintenance Command located in the city of Madrid Cundinamarca. This workshop was created with the mission of centralizing and carrying out scheduled maintenance to the ejection seats of the manufacturer Martin Baker installed in the combat aircraft of the FAC, in turn it acquired the capacity of inspection and packaging of its installed parachutes, adding A relevant job with the inspection and packaging tasks of the high performance parachutes used by the institution’s airbase security and defense specialty.

Since its inception, the Air Force has focused its efforts on complying with high standards of safety and maintenance in this aeronautical activity, which becomes the life option of its crews when it must be used. To this end, the training and qualification of the technical personnel that make up the centralized workshop has been carried out, and together with the acquisition of benches and special tools they have allowed it to position itself as a point of reference in the maintenance of ejection seats in Latin America.

Currently, the centralized workshop has carried out the inspection of 500 ejection seats type MKBR8LC, MKBR10LCX and MKJM-6, thus allowing the Colombian Air Force to maintain the operability of its Combat Aircraft for the defense of the Nation.

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